Scott Disick & Chris Brown's Friendship Sure Sounds Like Trouble

scott disick, chris brownWhen we first heard that Scott Disick was hitting the clubs with Chris Brown, it sounded like pretty much the worst idea ever. And it still does, except sources are insisting the troubled twosome are actually good influences on each other, and that they've been staying sober as a team. Huh. Really?


If this is true, then, hey -- that's great. Whatever works, right? And maybe it makes sense in a bizarre kind of way. On the one hand, these two aren't as unlikely a pair as you might think. After all, they both have bad boy pasts (are they really "pasts," though?); they both gave their baby mamas (Kourtney Kardashian and Mia Guzman) a seriously hard time. So maybe they're also both at the point in their lives where they're ready to make some significant changes.

But here's the thing: Scott is a bonafide jerk a lot of the time, and it was truly heartbreaking to see what he put Kourtney through. In fact, when Kourt finally left him, we couldn't help but cheer. But for all the stupid, thoughtless things Scott has done, he's never quite hit Chris Brown creep level (and we're thinking specifically here about Chris beating up Rihanna and then getting a tattoo of her battered face on his neck -- though there have been plenty of other offenses). So it's worrisome to see Scott hanging out with this guy, because it seems like it would be super easy for him to end up taking about a zillion steps backwards in the process. 

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Unless, of course, Chris really is a changed man. Anything's possible, right? (His new video, though, which also stars one Scott Disick, makes us think probably not.)


Image via Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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