Teresa Giudice's Lavish Homecoming Gift Is Raising Eyebrows

Now that she's officially a free woman, Teresa Giudice's homecoming gift is a shiny new Lexus and folks are not happy about it. The expensive ride was spotted in the driveway of her New Jersey home with a red ribbon on it.


Page Six points out that this lavish present could be problematic for the family as they still owe hundreds of thousands in restitution for the fraud charges they were found guilty on. You know, the same charges that sent Teresa to jail in the first place, with husband Joe headed to jail in March for a 41-month stint.

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We have to admit, this is a pretty bad look for Teresa and the family. Considering it was their lavish lifestyle that put them in this mess to begin with, offering up such an over-the-top gift upon her release from prison seems a bit ... wrong. Then again, maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Perhaps the car is a gift from someone else, like a business partner of sorts, who has the means to pay for it.

Either way, it probably would have been a bit smarter if whoever provided the Lexus, which starts at $50,000, waited a beat to gift it. Seriously, the last thing this family needs is the government and probation officers sniffing around because of expensive gifts. Plus, isn't being home with her family for the holidays present enough? We'd like to think so.


Image Fortunata/Splash News

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