Scott Disick Wants to Hook Up With Selena Gomez to Get Back at Kourtney

scott disick

He's a man on a mission. Ever since Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber started hooked up, Scott Disick, understandably, hasn't been happy. As the story goes, Scott's letting Kourtney do her thing since he's the one who messed things up, but deep down, he's seething. And evidently, now he's getting even. Apparently, Scott Disick wants to hook up with Selena Gomez. Hashtag: Eye roll. 


A source told Hollywood Life that Scott thinks he's hotter than Christopher Mason, the stud in Selena Gomez's video for "Hands to Myself" / her possible boyfriend. In fact, Scott thinks he's so irresistible that he's hoping to be cast in Selena's next video. Huh?

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A source said, "[Scott's] been telling friends that he could have done a better job in bed with Selena than that that dude in 'Hands To Myself.' Scott even thinks he’s much hotter than that guy. He’s got his eyes on Selena and he’d love to be in one of her next videos."

Also, as if that's not weird enough, the insider also claims that Scott is super close to following Selena on Instagram and liking all of her photos. Apparently, he's stalking her on social media now, but is getting closer to making his obsession public. Because that's not weird at all. 

Hopefully, all of this is just gossip, because it's ridiculous, but it's not totally impossible to think of Scott doing something like this. After all, he was just in that asinine Chris Brown video.

If Scott's hoping to win Kourtney back, maybe he should just focus on getting his sh*t together and staying sober. That's much more likely to get his baby mama's attention than hooking up with someone simply to get even. The latter is just super immature. 


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