Prince George Thinks Mum Kate Middleton Is Chopped Liver

No matter how crazy young children are for both of their parents, there will likely come a day when either Mom or Dad proves to be the favorite. Prince George reportedly likes Prince William more than Kate Middleton -- something that isn't at all unusual!


Royal insiders have revealed that despite Kate's frequent attempts to take 2-year-old George to fun places like parks and museums, teach him new things, and read to him every night, "the moment William walks in the door, Kate might as well be invisible."

The "insider," whom OK! magazine claims is a nanny, didn't divulge more details about how or why George snubs his mom in favor of his dad, but it makes total sense that a child would get excited to see the parent who is out all day and want to play with him the second he gets home. He probably doesn't realize how much he misses William until he sees him open the door.

It's also possible the toddler is beginning to identify with his father more than his mom and longs to follow him around and learn everything he can about him. I constantly hear from stay-at-home moms about how they provide the sun, moon, and stars to their child, only to be dropped like a bad habit the second Dad gets home from work.

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The worst thing Kate could do is take any of this personally and feel bad about George's preference for William. Children go through so many stages where they seem to like one parent and reject the other -- before you can blink they change their minds and are either on to the other parent or have decided their peers are way more important than their parents.

I'm sure Kate and Will are having a giggle about this behind closed doors. And I'm hoping Kate takes George's preference for Will as an opportunity to relax for a few minutes while Will takes over with the kids. If an unpopular mom plays her cards right, she can get a bubble bath in every night thanks to her child's preference for Dad!


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