Kourtney Kardashian's Fling With Justin Bieber May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

While this is still a couple we're completely flummoxed by, apparently Kourtney Kardashian is so obsessed with looking flawless for Justin Bieber that she's going to great lengths to get even skinnier and more fit. Is that even possible?


We've seen Kourtney hit the gym with ferocity since giving birth to baby Reign and breaking up with Scott Disick. The woman looks incredible, and certainly not like the mom of three kids. But apparently the age difference between herself and 21-year-old Justin has her freaked out and self-conscious, at least according to Hollywood Life.

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This news makes us really, really sad. Kourtney is a grown woman who has accomplished way more than just having a hot body. There's absolutely nothing wrong with hooking up with a younger guy, but don't let him make you doubt yourself! Besides, seriously, how much thinner can Kourt get? She is super tiny.

We are so hoping her family talks some sense into her (Khloe -- are you out there?) and rebuilds her confidence, which is part of what makes her sexy to begin with. Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is great, but do it for yourself, not for a dude. And especially not for Justin Bieber.

Embrace your curves, lady. You're gorgeous!


Image via Lauren/Splash News

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