Scott Disick Issues Stern Warning to Justin Bieber

scott disickStuff's getting real. It's no secret that there's something going on with Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber. And it's also no secret that Scott Disick is none too pleased with the rebound romance. However, sources have reported that, being that Scott made his bed, he's letting Kourtney do her thing. One thing Scott's not cool with, though, is Bieber hanging around the Disick kids


Sources tell Hollywood Life that Scott has issued a warning so to speak to both Justin and Kourtney. If they want to do their thing, fine. But, leave Mason, Penelope, and Reign out of it. "He’s told Kourtney and some mutual friends of Justin’s that he needs to keep his distance from his kids," an insider said. "If he crosses that line Scott will come after him."

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The source also went on to say that while Scott is embarrassed of Kourt and Justin's tryst, he's actually more embarrassed for Kourtney since she's tooling around town with a boy toy. Talk about irony! Scott has been making a fool of himself for years now. As far as embarrassing things go, it's safe to say Scott's still got her beat

If there's one thing Kourtney takes incredibly seriously, it's her kids, so I really don't think Scott needs to worry about her doing anything irresponsible when it comes to them. And while it's great that he's worried about his children right now, why wasn't he thinking of them when he was frolicking around the South of France with his ex while Kourtney was at home? As Justin would say: Is it too late to say sorry now?

Image via Bello/Splash News

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