Kim Kardashian's Doppelganger Has Fans Freaking Out (PHOTOS)

Well? It appears as though someone may have just found her twin stranger. Fans are freaking out over a new Kim Kardashian look-alike because the similarities between the two women are seriously uncanny.


Fashion blogger Kamilla Osman not only strikes a crazy resemblance to Kim, but she also has her style down to a science. It's really eerie. And fans are obsessed with the look-alike, even going so far as to ask her if she's had any work done to look more like her doppelganger.

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{ nudes } x @itsflossie

A photo posted by kamïlla Å�sman (@kamiosman) on

Some of Kamilla's Instagram images look more like Kim than others, but there are a few that make it almost impossible to tell which woman is which. Can you figure it out?

Not as easy as you thought it was going to be, is it? We've gotta figure we'll be hearing more from Kim's look-alike in the future, and admittedly, we're totally intrigued by her backstory. And we're also curious to know whether Kim is aware of her. Kamilla may want to consider work in Vegas as a professional impersonator -- she'd probably make a killing.


Images via; kamiosman/Instagram, kimkardashian/Instagram

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