Kylie Jenner's 'Vogue' Feature Is Driving a Wedge Between Her & Kendall

Sibling rivalry is alive and well among reality TV's most famous family. Apparently Kendall Jenner is ticked off about Kylie's upcoming Vogue feature, which will appear in the magazine's January 2016 issue. Like, really ticked.


According to Radar Online, Kendall has been eager to land a spread in the US edition of the fashion bible, and despite appearing in several international editions, she's none too pleased that Kylie scored the gig first.

But there's just one glitch in this story: Kendall has appeared in US Vogue -- in their December 2014 issue, to be exact. And, personally, we don't really think Kendall has much to be worried about. Modeling is her thing, and she books major campaigns right and left. Sure, it could be a little annoying if it feels like your little sister is moving in on your turf, but this hardly seems like a reason to get angry.

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Plus, without having seen the spread yet, we think it sounds like Kylie was photographed as a celeb for the piece, not as a model. There is a difference. As a celeb, she wouldn't get paid to appear in the story because it's basically a way to promote herself, whereas when Kendall models, she's paid a fee, unless she's being photographed to promote Keeping Up With the Kardashians in some way (like this year's Cosmopolitan cover that featured the whole family).

Basically, while we totally feel a rift between Kendall and Kylie, we don't think this instance is really creating that much friction.


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