Kate Middleton Is Experiencing Serious Hair Regret Right Now

kate middletonJust because she's the future Queen of England doesn't mean the Duchess of Cambridge is exempt from common-woman problems. Like not liking her hair. According to sources, Kate hates her bangs and has called for the execution of the hairdresser who cut them. 


Evidently, Kate, who cut her "fringe" in the fall, is now referring to her bangs as "mum fringe." Before the birth of Charlotte, the duchess had cut some bangs, but was quick to outgrow them. So really, it's no surprise to hear that she's over them already -- in fact, the real surprise is that she got them again in the first place. 

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The good news for Kate is that A) she has the prettiest hair in all the land and looks good regardless of the style, and B) it's just hair. It'll grow out before she knows it. That said, not being a fan of what you've got going on on top of your head can be a real drag, so thoughts and prayers go out to the duchess. 

Everyone knows that the "in-between" phase of growing out bangs can be one of the most awkward periods in hair history, so hopefully Kate and her stylists will get crafty in their efforts to make her mane look pretty during the interim. 

And, hey, not too many people have the luxury of pulling their hair back with a tiara. So at least she's got that going on. 


Image via Splash News

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