Hilary Duff Just Chopped Off Her Locks, Giving Us Major #HairInspo (PHOTOS)

Hilary Duff in streetHats off to Hilary Duff, who just had Cynthia Vanis chop off a lot of her hair without ending up looking like she went in for a mom cut. I mean, check her out: Hil's new, edgy bob looks HOT.


Well, let’s face it, Hilary pretty much always looks fabulous -- long hair, short hair, blonde hair, blue hair … it all works for her. Of course, she’s not the only celebrity out there with amazing locks. She obviously has a beauty team that helps keep her tresses under control -- at least when she’s on set for Younger or a movie project.

Here's the stylist behind the scissors:

@cynthiavanis â��ï¸ï¿½â��ï¸ï¿½â��ï¸ï¿½

A photo posted by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

And here's Hil's first "short hair, don't care" kinda selfie:

Soooo it's pretty short. Thank you @cynthiavanis chopping�

A photo posted by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

Whether this was for a role or not, there are many times when Hilary’s not being filmed and she’s just a mom like the rest of us, trying to keep it real. We always see her out with 3-year-old Luca, playing, hitting the park. He’s been known to have a tantrum or two, like any other toddler, and it’s always Hilary, not a nanny or assistant, who deals with it.

Even posting sexy bikini pics from some fabulous beach vacations, she stays part of the mom club, reminding us to “#loveourbods” because of the incredible gifts they give us -- our beautiful children.

Body after baby is a touchy subject, but talking about your hair after you’ve had kids can be just as sensitive (even without thinking about the gobs of it you lost after pregnancy was over).

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I remember the days when I used to spend hours -- literally, hours -- on my mane: cutting, highlighting, blow-drying, flat-ironing, styling … I could have established world peace using all those minutes I spent on primping.

Now? I’m lucky if I get a morning shower in before my two boys start requesting (okay, demanding) cereal, milk, shoes, coats … Who has time for fixing their hair? Not me! Buns and ponytails have become my best friends.

And that’s why Hilary is a total inspiration! With her new do, showering, drying, and styling her hair will take about half the time it did before her chop job, but she still looks young and sexy (which she is).

I’m a young mom, too, but I so often forget to let myself feel my age and take the time to feel pretty (or at least well-groomed). It’s cool to know Hilary Duff can relate -- and she’s found the perfect compromise cut. Anyone else taking her pic to their stylist for inspiration? 


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