Kate Middleton & Prince William Accused of Photoshopping Princess Charlotte

You know how it's really difficult to capture a perfect family portrait when you have an energetic toddler and a baby? Some folks are saying the royal couple found a solution to their problem using a little tech help. Kate Middleton and Prince William are being accused of Photoshopping Princess Charlotte in their most recent family portrait, which is also their Christmas card.


The royals released their sweet card last week and the world swooned at the sight of a happy Prince George wearing blue shorts and knee socks, with his little toy train front and center in the photo, and lovely 7-month-old Princess Charlotte, smiling like an angel on her mama's lap.

But, not so fast. Upon further examination, some people are claiming Kate and Will may have Photoshopped Charlotte's head onto her body because, while her face appears sharp in the picture, the princess's shoulder is blurred and slightly out of focus. Check it out:

Kensington Palace is reportedly not commenting on whether the rumor is true or false, but I wouldn't read too deeply into that -- they rarely give the public the gratification of a response to gossip.

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Admittedly, I don't have enough knowledge of Photoshop to declare whether I think this gossip is true. Isn't it possible that Charlotte wasn't sitting still and that this is the reason why her shoulder appears fuzzy?

If the royals did, indeed, use Photoshop to create the perfect Christmas card, I can't say I blame them. It's impossible to get two young children to sit still for 30 seconds and look at a camera at the same time. I think Will and Kate just found a way to help families relieve a bit of their holiday stress. Instead of dealing with the frustration of trying to capture the ideal family portrait, which won't happen until the kids are at least 20, use a little Photoshop and -- voilà! -- problem solved.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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