The Royals Are All Bent Out of Shape Over Kate's Tacky Christmas Decor

Kate MiddletonAll of the money in the world and having access to every amazing home designer on the planet can't, apparently, convince the public that the Duchess of Cambridge has good taste. Poor Kate Middleton is being slammed for her "tacky" Christmas decor at Anmer Hall -- but it sounds like a wicked case of snobbery.


Kate and Prince William have reportedly decided to host Christmas at their Norfolk home again, most likely because they have zero desire to travel with 2-year-old Prince George and 7-month-old Charlotte (who can blame them)? But theirs won't be a formal affair fit for a queen with nine courses and all of the pomp and circumstance that probably comes with an event at Queen Elizabeth's digs. The royal couple want nothing more than to provide guests with a simple informal Christmas lunch in a festive setting that is set up more to please their children than the adults at their home.

Kate has reportedly decorated her house with tinsel, flashing lights, and tons of sparkly ornaments and decorations. Her choices differ greatly from those you'd see at the queen's home, which is decked out in conservative tartan ribbons and red and gold decorations, and where no guest would dare enter unless he or she was formally dressed.

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The royals are, of course, reportedly using Kate's "middle class" choices as another reason to slam her for trying to do away with royal protocol. According to a Mail on Sunday source: "Some of the royals are rather snippy about what they call the 'Alternative Anmer Christmas' and I've heard one say 'It's the Cambridge way or no way.'"

Well, hold on to your hat because other sources are saying it's actually Prince William -- and not Kate -- who wants things to be a bit more casual and carefree. Will is apparently over the stuffiness of a Sandringham Christmas, where guests are reportedly expected to change clothes several times a day, and wants a simple and fun holiday for his family.

It's not like Kate and Will are totally bucking tradition. They'll attend Christmas Day morning church service at St. Mary Magdalene, and Kate made an appearance at the queen's annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. But why shouldn't they mix things up and try to appeal to their own small children's desire for fun and simplicity at this time of year? The royals who criticize their choices need to calm down and let them live their lives -- their way.


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