Miley Cyrus Wears a Unicorn Horn & Prosthetic Body Parts to Save the Whales (PHOTOS)

miley cyrusIf you thought Miley Cyrus went over-the-top in her new video for "BB Talk," well, maybe that's just because you never saw her dress up as a unicorn with prosthetic human body parts to raise awareness for orcas in captivity with the help of one very scantily clad Pamela Anderson! Because yes. That happened! And it was even more surreal than you might think.


What was surreal about the performance? Well, let's see. There were the aforementioned prosthetic body parts (breasts and, at one point, a ginormous strap-on). There was the aforementioned scantily clad Pamela Anderson thing. There was the lady dressed up like a whale. There was Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips helpfully holding a smoke-spraying hose between Miley's leg. So, yeah ... surreal.

Then again, all of that is pretty classic Miley, right? Especially since all of these oddball antics were in the name of a good cause: helping animals. Say what you will about her, the girl's got a heart of gold! But what WILL you say about this?

miley cyrus

And this?

miley cyrus


miley cyrus

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Pretty clever of Miley to find a way to show her nipples without actually showing her nipples, huh? I sure do hope this show raised lots and lots of money for whales! Because that was the whole point, after all. Unless maybe it was about raising money for whales AND unicorns? I'm pretty sure that's also a cause Miley would get behind. And if you told her there was no such thing as unicorns, she would just be like, "Unicorns are my homies, y'all."

And who knows? Maybe they are!


Images via Fern/Splash News; Jen Lowery/Splash News

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