16 Scott Disick Quotes We Can't Help but Get a Kick Out Of (PHOTOS)

Meredith Gordon | Jan 28, 2016 Celebrities
16 Scott Disick Quotes We Can't Help but Get a Kick Out Of (PHOTOS)

Scott DisickScott Disick, who fondly refers to himself as Lord Disick, is better known to the world as Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy.

But in addition to being dad to Mason, Penelope, and Reign, Scott notoriously puts his foot in his mouth. He says what's on his mind, for better or for worse. Check out some of Scott's craziest comments and have a laugh or two. We sure did.


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  • Monkey Suit


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    While getting ready for the hospital, Kourtney asked Scott what he packed. His response, "A tuxedo."  

  • Nailed It


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    On occassion, Scott nails it with the perfect comment.  This is one of those times.

    Kourtney: "I think Kris and Kim had an argument."

    Scott: "It's hard when you've been married that long ... a week or two."

  • The Perfect Man


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    Scott said, "I've realized that I'm probably just perfect and it's everyone else around me that's got issues."

  • Lover's Quarrel


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    Kourtney and Scott are known for their banter. For example:

    Kourtney: "Have you ever come across somebody more difficult than yourself?"

    Scott: "You're up there."

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  • Royal Pain


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    Scott often asks to be referred to as Lord Disick. He says: "Whether it is Sir Disick, Lord Disick, or Count Disick, becoming royal is really gonna get the respect that I deserve. Like, I don't need to be walking around like some peasant." 

  • Sinking Ship


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    Life's not a movie, at least according to Disick, who said: "Why don't we have the chemistry that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had in Titanic? I'll tell you why: Because we're not in a movie!"

  • Perfect Fit


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    Realizing just how much fun his almost-mother-in-law is, Scott said: "I never realized you were so fun, Jenner. You get drunk during the day, you like to go shopping. I mean, you're right up my alley!"

  • American Dream


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    Recognizing his bad-guy status on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott said: "I don't mind being portrayed as the villain on TV, but nobody knows the real me. I'm a great guy … I'm young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I'm a role model. I'm the American dream!"

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  • Bragging Rights


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    Never one to shy away from speaking highly of himself, Scott said, "When you think of the debonair, ridiculously good-looking guy, you think of me."

  • Big Pimpin'


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    We're not sure if Scott was bragging or confessing when he said: "My great-granddaddy was a pimp."

  • Sale Price


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    Scott might want to rethink this sentiment: "Three thousand dollars for a walking stick? Sounds reasonable."

  • What Planet Are You On?


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    Scott sometimes acts like he's on another planet, but when he said this, it was clear that he was: "We on a galaxy that haters cannot visit. That's my reality so get off my Scott Disick."  

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  • Piano Man


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    Scott kept it real on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when he said: "I didn't buy the piano to play it. I bought it because it looks nice."

  • Cock Block


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    While Kourtney and Kim were living together, Scott had this to say: "Kim is in for the night, which means so is my penis."

  • Snob Snub


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    Scott has a healthy opinion of himself: "I'm a big star. I don't need to be dealing with your peasants."

  • Regifted


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    Kourtney lamented her family's gift-giving ability, and Scott had the perfect retort.

    Kourtney: "I don't think anyone's gotten me a sentimental gift."

    Scott: "What? I got you two kids!"

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