Kris Jenner Celebrates 10 Million Instagram Followers in True Momager Fashion (PHOTO)


kris jennerAs far as the Jenners and Kardashians go, momager Kris Jenner is probably the least popular. (Not counting Rob -- sorry, Rob!) Kris is celebrating her 10 millionth follower on Instagram, which is way behind her daughters. But she's celebrating them in her milestone celebration.


Just to put the whole thing in perspective, Rob has 4.2 million followers, Kim has 54.9 million, Kylie has 45.5 million, Khloe has 37.8 million, Kourtney 30.6 million, Kendall has 44.1, and Caitlyn has 5.5 million.

I have like 52 ... as in 52 people, not million.

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But check out Kris's way of celebrating.

It's all about her family. Maybe some will see this as a humble brag by Kris, but it is quite an accomplishment in the world of social media -- especially if you are a Kardashian. So Kris does have something to celebrate. Ten million followers is AMAZING, and it's almost double what her ex has. Is this some sort of competition? I don't think so. Caitlyn did just join Instagram earlier this year.

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I'm not sure why more people aren't following Kris. Most of her pics are of her daughters and she loves to give fans a throwback of them when they were wee little ones. Sure, they re-post, but it's a treat to see it first on Kris's Insta first. Wow. How did I just turn into a one-person PR team for Kris? I can just relate to her as a mom, I guess. We do it all for our kids and want them to succeed more than us. So with that in mind, Kris's humble brag is a lot more humble. She's celebrating her 10 million followers with a collage of photos of what she posts most -- her family. A true momager -- and a great one at that.


Image via Paul A. Hebert/Press Line/Splash

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