Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Took a Huge Step in Their Relationship

gwen stefani, blake sheltonEverybody knows that one of the biggest milestones in any relationship is meeting your significant other's parents -- and it looks like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have gone ahead and taken that very important step. Is this relationship on an even faster track than we thought?


Blake took the plunge first, bringing Gwen home to Tishomingo, Oklahoma, to meet his mom, Dorothy. Then on Thursday, Blake hung out with Gwen's dad, Dennis, in LA -- and apparently they hit it off! According to a source who spoke with People, "Blake helped Gwen's dad around the house. They seemed very friendly and like they were getting along great."

Awww! Can't you totally see Blake Shelton playing Mr. Fix It with Gwen's dad? Maybe Dennis was all, "Yeah, I've got this leaky faucet in the guest bathroom," and Blake was all, "Well now, Dennis! Why don't you show me where you keep your tool box? I know a thing or two about leaky faucets!"

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If only we had more details about Gwen's meeting with Dorothy. What did they talk about?? Hair color trends? The best pop vocal performances of the year? Did they kvetch about unfaithful men (i.e., Gavin Rossdale)? Sadly, we can only speculate about such matters. But we're betting it was a successful introduction, since the pair is apparently still very much together, and we can't imagine Blake Shelton's sticking with a girl his mama doesn't like.

The question remains: How will Blake and Gwen spend the holidays? If they spend them together -- with the kids -- that would be a REALLY huge step. Some might even call it a Christmas miracle! 


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