13 Most Awesome Things Khloe Kardashian Has Ever Said

Khloe Kardashian
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Kim might be the most famous sister of the Kardashian family (technically, Kylie is a Jenner), but Khloe has the power to turn heads. She can throw shade like the best of them and has never been one to mince her words, shy away from confrontation, or speak her mind -- even if it hurts feelings. Khloe Kardashian is an unashamed soul who loves to keep it real and say exactly how she feels (#sorrynotsorry).


Simply put, Khloe can be relentless and knows how to put the crazy in Kardashian. As much as we enjoy her antics and back-and-forth sessions with her family, sometimes lady K can leave us clutching our pearls, asking ourselves whether or not what we just heard really came out of her mouth.

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But who are we kidding, Khloe is the best and one of the main reasons why we're still trying to keep up with this reality star family.

Here are some of the comments Khloe has said over the years that are so memorable, they're practically impossible to forget. Even if someone isn't a die-hard Kardashian fan, it will be hard not to laugh at a few of these gems and possibly keep them in queue in case of a personal emergency.

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