15 Times Kanye West Looked Like He Was About to Lose It (PHOTOS)

15 Times Kanye West Looked Like He Was About to Lose It (PHOTOS)

Kanye WestOkay, so Kanye West has totally changed his image and gotten all soft now that he's a dad to North and Saint, right? Wrong.

Sure, Kanye 2.0 may be a bit cuddlier, but he's still just as cranky. In fact, sometimes it seems like he's going to lose his cool more often than he acts cool. Kanye won't like it, but check out all the times he was about to totally lose his you know what.

Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

  • Cool It!


    Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

    Kanye doesn't like being followed all day cameras, unless they are his wife's reality show cameras. Then he doesn't seem to mind at all. Hmm.

  • Roar!


    Image via Sharpshooter Images / Splash News

    Kanye looks like he's either going to lose it, or growl. Tough to tell.

  • I Don't Do Disney


    Image via Fern / Splash News

    In all fairness, would you be any happier if you had to spend the day at Disneyland with your mother-in-law?

  • On Hold


    Image via Turgeon-Steffman / Splash News

    Kanye's clearly been on hold way too long by the cable company. We know the feeling!

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  • The Baby Whisperer


    Image via Splash News

    Wrangling a toddler isn't easy, is it Kanye?

  • Fashionably Late


    Image via Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com

    Kanye just got the news that he too, is going to have to sit through his own fashion show. 

  • Let's Party!


    Image via Tatiana Kevych / Splash News

    Kanye's not happy at his own party. Maybe someone just thought he was P. Diddy.

  • Sign Your Name


    Image via Splash News

    Though Kanye stops outside his NYC apartment to sign autographs, he's clearly not happy about it.

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  • Travel Trouble


    Image via Ordonez/PapJuice/INFphoto.com

    Travel can bring out the worst in everyone, even when you fly First Class.

  • Don't Cry


    Image via Prince Williams / Splash News

    Kanye is determined to figure out who spilled their drink on him.

  • Toddler Trouble


    Image via Fern / Splash News

    Kanye's learning the valuable lesson that every parent learns, toddlers won't do what you want. Now you know!

  • Line Barging


    Image via Riptidepix.com / Machete/Splash News

    Frustrated by the long lines at the Celine fashion show in Paris, Kanye skipped the line. He probably wasn't the only one.

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  • Say You're Sorry


    Image via Rick Davis / Splash News

    Though Kanye apologized for dissing Beck and Bruno Mars, he's clearly not too happy about doing it.  

  • Yeezus!


    Image via NorthWoodsPix / Splash News

    The good news, Kanye's Yeezus shoe line for Adidas totally sold out.

    The bad news, looks like Kanye couldn't even score a pair. 

  • Better Off Dressed


    Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

    Everything was fine until Kanye realized no one told him the dress code, "Cleopatra Chic." We don't know what that is either Kanye, but it's definitley not a t-shirt and jeans. Even if they were expensive.

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