25 Times Kate Middleton Swooned Over Prince William

Meredith Gordon | May 16, 2018 Celebrities

kate middleton and prince william
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Royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William have always seemed so in love since they were college sweethearts. And they took the world by storm when they announced they were saying "I do." Turns out, a few years and three kids later, the pair are still totally in love. How do we know? Just look at Kate's face every time she's with her prince. She can't resist him and neither can we.

Whether they are traveling around the world, celebrating a holiday with their family, or attending an important event, they always look so happy. Kate is so often caught on camera smiling at William and it is the cutest thing ever. And we know he is enamored by her too. 

After all these years of Kate being by Will's side, she still looks like she is living her best life with him. She's always seen laughing at his jokes, smiling at him in a crowded room, or lingering on his every word. They give even the biggest pessimist hope for everlasting love! 

Here are 25 times Kate Middleton swooned over her man -- and it is seriously so adorable. 

  • Baby Number Three

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    Just hours after welcoming their third child into the world, Kate and William took on the paparazzi outside of St. Mary's Hospital. Kate is clearly happy to have her hubby by her side for such a sweet moment. 

  • Cheering Him On 

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    While meeting wheelchair basketball players at a SportsAid event, Kate was right by William's side as he hung out with the players. How cute are they! 

  • Feeling Lucky 

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    While at the annual Irish Guards St. Patrick's Day Parade, Kate obviously was feeling lucky. She looks so happy, it's making us smile too! 

  • Undivided Attention 

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    While William was speaking at the first annual Royal Foundation Forum, Kate was engulfed in whatever he was saying. We can't get over how sweet they are together. 

  • Working Together 

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    Kate and William visited the Northern Spire, a new bridge being built over the River Wear, and it really shows how great of a team they make. They are both down to business and geared up, while still looking so happy and pleased to be in each other's company. 

  • Alone in a Crowded Room

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    While the couple attended the EE British Academy Film Awards, Kate had her eyes on her man. Despite the fact that they are surrounded by tons of people, he still has her full attention. 

  • Smitten 

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    Kate almost always looks so smitten with William. They're such a fairy tale.

  • Laugh Out Loud 

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    We don't know what they were talking about, but it must have been funny! William obviously knows how to make her laugh. 

  • Having Fun 

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    When they attended a bandy hockey match during their royal visit to Sweden and Norway, they had some fun together trying their hand at the sport. Kate looks like she's having a wonderful time with William. 

  • Mad About William

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    Kate's happy to take center stage, or stand back and let Prince William steal the spotlight.

  • Better Than Bond

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    James Bond may be in the room, but Kate only has eyes for Wiliam.

  • School of Love

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    While visiting a university, Kate got an education in love.

  • Trip for Two

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    Kate and William are clearly in love. The sign says so!

  • To Your Health

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    While attending an event on World Mental Health Day, Kate's proof that love is good for your health.

  • Tennis Anyone?

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    Fun in the sun with Kate's #1. They're always doing cool things together. 

  • Party of Four

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    Kate looks happy, as her family had grown to four.

  • Polo Match

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    On the polo field, William scores on the field and off.

  • Eyes for You

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    Kate may look adoringly at George, but she can't help but fall all over William.

  • Baby It's You

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    Even after the birth of Princess Charlotte, Kate's still swooning for Will.

  • A Little Chemistry

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    While visiting a charity, Kate kept close to William.

  • Love Is a Battlefield

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    While commemorating the invasion of Afghanistan, Will and Kate were on the same side.

  • Focused on Him

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    Westminster Abbey is dazzling, but Kate's attention is on her prince.

  • Hand in Hand


    Who says chivalry is dead? Not Kate.

  • New York State of Mind

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    The royals tour New York, but Kate always looks to Wiliam first.

  • Going Through Hoops

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    Basketball's a blast, but not as fun as a joke from Will.

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