25 Times Kate Middleton Swooned Over Prince William

kate middleton and prince william
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William have always seemed so in love since they were college sweethearts. And they took the world by storm when they announced they were saying "I do." Turns out, a few years and three kids later, the pair are still totally in love. How do we know? Just look at Kate's face every time she's with her prince. She can't resist him and neither can we.


Whether they are traveling around the world, celebrating a holiday with their family, or attending an important event, they always look so happy. Kate is so often caught on camera smiling at William and it is the cutest thing ever. And we know he is enamored by her too. 

After all these years of Kate being by Will's side, she still looks like she is living her best life with him. She's always seen laughing at his jokes, smiling at him in a crowded room, or lingering on his every word. They give even the biggest pessimist hope for everlasting love! 

Here are 25 times Kate Middleton swooned over her man -- and it is seriously so adorable. 

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