Of Course Kendall Jenner Shared Her First Kiss With Another Celebrity Kid

In the bizarre world of Hollywood, famous offspring have to stick together. So it's not a huge surprise that Kendall Jenner admits her first kiss was with the son of a TV actor.


According to TMZ, the lucky guy was none other than Chad Wilcox, son of CHiPS actor Larry Wilcox, who played Officer Jon Baker on the popular '80s series. The smooch happened while the two were playing Truth or Dare in the fifth grade. Isn't that always the case?

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To make this even more of a small world scenario, Chad's father and Kendall's dad shared screen time when the former Olympian booked a six-episode stint on the series.

We don't hear a lot about Kendall's love life, so this story about her first kiss is absolutely adorable. Clearly she's a little more conservative about sharing the details of her private life than her sisters, which we totally get. Sometimes you just need to keep a little something for yourself -- and keep people guessing.

Image via Splash News

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