Prince George Is Heading Off to Nursery School in the New Year

prince georgeConfirming that Kate Middleton and Prince William spaced out the birth of their children perfectly, it has been revealed that Prince George will be starting nursery school in January. And it's a Montessori school.


George is 2, and it will be a lovely time for him to mix with other kids at Norfolk's Westacre Montessori School Nursery, which, true to the Montessori way, fosters independence and social development. His class is said to have a maximum of 29 kids in mixed nursery school ages. And it's just 10 minutes from his house, so it's an easy pick-up and drop-off for the royals. This pre-K is all part of that "normal upbringing" Kate and Will have talked about when raising their kids. In case you're wondering, the school costs $49 a day, which is less than many in the area.

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Now let's discuss how the first day will go -- for George and Kate. If it's anything like the first time I sent my kids to nursery school, it is going to be filled with tears. Prince George may march right in and be excited to join his new friends, leaving mom Kate in a puddle of mush at the door. Her baby's growing up so fast! Or George may cling to his mum, not wanting her to leave, making Kate try everything in her power to get him excited about his teachers and classmates to no avail. Eventually, what may happen is Kate leaves with George having tears in his eyes and then Kate cries her eyes out when she gets to her car.

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It's so hard to leave them that very first time. Mama solidarity with Kate when any of those challenging scenarios occur. But on the bright side, I cannot wait to see what George will wear on the first day of nursery school! It's sure to inspire us all!


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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