15 Hilarious Celeb Memes of 2015 (PHOTOS)

Rosy Cordero | Dec 18, 2015 Celebrities
15 Hilarious Celeb Memes of 2015 (PHOTOS)

There's nothing like the end of the year to look back at all our accomplishments and lessons learned. Or we could just reflect...on all the hilarious things celebrities have done that have inspired some of the funniest memes on the Internet.

Here are 15 celebrity-inspired memes that were shared again and again for their ability to make us laugh out loud.


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  • Rihanna & SJP


    Usually two of the most stylish women on the red carpet, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna raised eyebrows and inspired some of the year's most creative memes for their outrageous Met Gala looks.

  • The Left Shark


    Katy Perry was supposed to be the star of the Super Bowl's halftime performance, but when one of her dancers --dressed as a shark -- couldn't seem to remember his routine, he became the hit of the night, and meme-makers went to town.

  • Adele's Return


    Adele released new music after a four-year absence via the mega single "Hello," and this meme perfectly captured the struggle of getting tickets to see her live.

  • Hotline Bling


    The video for Drake's "Hotline Bling," complete with awkward dance and the rapper's unintentionally pained expressions, was 2015's undisputed top inspiration for an epic collection of memes and hysterical vines

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  • Nicki vs Miley


    The MTV VMA Awards were fun but things got crazy good when Nicki Minaj called out host Miley Cyrus onstage for criticizing her in an interview. Minaj's question-slash-challenge, "Miley, what's good?" became a viral go-to quote for anyt vexing situation, including Monday mornings.

  • JLo & Sofia


    Is it in the water? This meme riffed on Sofia Vergara's and Jennifer Lopez's ability to look as if they discovered the Fountain of Youth.

  • North West's Tutu


    Kimye's daughter may have looked adorable in a white Balmain jacket and matching tutu, but do not mess with her.

  • Ariana's Doughtnut


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    Singer Ariana Grande had all eyes on her after video captured her licking an unpurchased doughnut and saying "I hate America." She apologized --  but it didn't protect her from being meme'd.

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  • Rihanna's Grammys Dress


    Rihanna's poofy pink dress inspired many memes, including this one, comparing her outfit to those worn at traditional Latina coming out parties.

  • Idina & Travolta


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    After his wacky appearance at the Oscars in February, John Travolta gained a rep as kind of a weirdo. Not only did he awkwardly kiss Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet, but he touched Idina Mendel's face uninvited and introduced her as something that sounded like "Adele Dazeem."

  • Riley Goes Supernova


    When Basketball champion Steph Curry's vivacious daughter Riley walked in on his press conferences and Daddy didn't have the heart to usher her out, she became an Internet star.

  • Hurricane Joaquin (Phoenix)


    Image via Imgur

    When the entire East Coast freaked out over the possibility of a category 5 Hurricane Joaquin making landfall there, there was only one thing to do to release the anxiety, and an Imgur user did it via an unforgettable meme about eecntric actor Joaquin Phoenix.

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  • Jon Snow's Fate


    Nice try, Game of Thrones. The show tried to make us believe that Jon Snow was kaput, but then actor Kit Harington was spotted strolling in Belfast, Ireland, where the the show was filming.

  • Back to the Future Day


    Image via Routly

    The Internet remembered that October 21, 2015 was the day that Marty (Michael J. Fox, left) and Doc from Back to the Future were due to arrive from the past in their time-traveling DeLorean. 

  • Brian Williams' Fibs


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    It wasn't a good year for news anchor Brian Williams. In February, he was suspended without pay for apparently lying about his helicopter coming under enemy fire while covering 2003 Iraq war. Lester Holt took over his spot on NBC Nightly News and memes took over the Internet.

  • Kanye for President


    It was the year that Kanye West announced he would run for president in 2020 -- a totally serious announcement, except in meme-land.

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