Kardashian Family Comes Face-to-Face With Crazy Stalker Who Broke In

File this one under completely terrifying: A stalker fan broke into Kris Jenner's home while she, Kim Kardashian, and baby Saint were in it! This was definitely an unwelcome holiday greeting.


According to TMZ, the invasion occurred while Kris was having her home elaborately decorated for Christmas. The stalker pretended to be a member of the decorating crew and made himself at home by finding Kris in her office. Fortunately the Kardashian matriarch knew something was up immediately and called 911, and the stalker was hauled away.

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How scary is that? It has to be a bit unsettling to know it was so easy for someone to make his way onto your property. We're guessing Kris tends to have various people shuffling about, whether they are members of the KUWTK production team or workers who are caring for her palatial estate, so for this fan to blend in probably wasn't that hard. It's a major relief that the police were able to respond so quickly before the intruder had the opportunity to do something even more harmful.

Here's a reminder -- just because the Kardashians invite us into their homes each week on reality TV doesn't mean they want us in their homes in real life. Hopefully the incident won't be repeated and Kris and family can continue to enjoy their holiday season in peace.

Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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