Kylie Jenner Faced With New Tyga Cheating Rumors That Are Just Despicable

kylie jenner tygaThere are some mighty bad rumors circulating saying that Tyga has been texting with another girl behind Kylie Jenner's back. While he hasn't met this other lady just yet, we know Tyga is a fan of sexting, so I'm sure it's inappropriate. Adding to the inappropriateness is the detail that the other lady is just 14 years old.


This is not good. Not good at all.

While this very well may be tabloid fodder, I can't help but question why Tyga has been such a target. People aren't that pleased with him and Kylie as a couple. He's 25, and while a seven-year age difference may be no big deal sometimes, other times, it is. And if this is true -- this texting or sexting in hopes to meet a 14-year-old aspiring model (as she is described) -- well, there is no question that this is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

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Apparently the rumor goes something like this: Tyga "met" this young lady on Instagram, got her number, and now they are texting, with Tyga supposedly saying he wants to get together with her. Hmm ... this sounds a little familiar, right? Tyga was involved in another texting-behind-Kylie's-back scandal earlier this year before he and Kylie were out in the open about their love.

Is this all making your head hurt? It is making mine.

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I'm not sure what's going on with Kylie and Tyga -- the rumors are pulling us in every direction. I can't help but feel that Kylie is a smart girl (even if this is her first love). If she finds out Tyga isn't faithful to her or is doing her wrong in some way, she's going to sort it out either by leaving him or talking to him about the whole thing and working it out. We know she has a good family and sisters with experience in this department to help her through whatever it is -- if indeed there is anything going on at all.

And if there is any truth to this -- Tyga texting someone behind Kylie's back, especially a minor -- I can't help but laugh at Tyga. Doesn't he know celebs can't do that kind of thing without getting caught?


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