Prince George Causes a Cute Ruckus in Kate Middleton's Hometown

He may be the future king of England, but Prince George charmed the crowd at a café in Bucklebury by simply flying his toy fire engine in between their tables and being super cute. Residents of Kate Middleton's hometown were beyond delighted to get to share their afternoon cup of tea with George and grandma Carole Middleton, where the royal toddler acted like your typical child.


The 2-year-old cutie and his grandmother visited a café in the small village, which is located 45 minutes away from London, where Carole treated the blond tot to a slice of cake. Like most toddlers, George was oblivious to the attention he received from residents and instead chose to focus on his beloved fire truck, which he "flew" around the room, making "brrrr" engine noises the entire time.

As you can imagine, Kate's old neighbors were thrilled to be rubbing elbows with little George. I'm shocked that, given the number of people living in the village, word didn't spread like wildfire that a royal was hanging out at the local café. It didn't turn into a crazy mob scene, which just makes you think: Bucklebury residents must be the most relaxed and easygoing on earth.

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After two controversial gate posts were erected in their community to honor the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge after their wedding (some say they're an eyesore and are demanding they be torn down), the folks living in Kate Middleton's hometown deserved a visit from little George. It seems like they have respect for both Kate and her family and enough reserve to leave them alone and let them live their lives.

Kudos to Carole for making sure George becomes familiar with both sides of his family tree. His ability to connect with the residents of Bucklebury will help ensure he grows up just as grounded as Kate and Prince William turned out to be.


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