Kourtney Kardashian Gifts Fans With Naked Instagram Shot (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianPutting all the rumors that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber are getting it on aside, Kourt is generally the no-scandal one. She's the mom of three with the noncommittal on-again, off-again boyfriend. She's the one who tends to keep her clothes on in her Instagram photos ... that is, until now.



The only caption is an emoji, which is, fittingly, a new moon.


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Let's all take a moment to gather our thoughts. Let's take a moment to stop the negative ones from creeping in. Not all of us are going to have an ass so fine. She is a Kardashian, after all. But as we have just now learned, Kourtney's behind is a bit different. It's smaller than Kim's, perhaps smaller than all of the backsides of her sisters with the exception of Kendall. And it's toned. And beautiful. And ... just ... wow.

There is beauty in that lighting, the way her hair falls down her back, and how her leg is crossed over. There is beauty in the length of her arm and the slight view of the side of her breast. Oh Kourt ... you are so very beautiful.

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I'm wondering why this photo exists. Was it for a photo shoot? For posterity? To spite Scott some more? I will admit this image is quite a departure from the many mom moments she posts of herself along with pics of her adorable kids. But we have to remember, Kourt is a person, too. A person with an incredible ass, as we have been made very aware of how fine it really is. 

Maybe it's just a gift for all of us, her fans. Thank you, Kourt. Thank you!


Image via INFPhoto.com

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