Prince George Takes After His Uncle Harry in Irresistible Photo

Hold on to your royal hats, you guys, because things just got seriously adorable outside of Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry and Prince George proved their bloodline in one photo, and we can't get enough of it!


It's a total like-uncle-like-nephew moment. They have the same look, similar faces, and this pose! It's just too much.


The duo were traveling to Queen Elizabeth II's house for a Christmas lunch, and this photo was magically captured. We can't help but wonder what they were pondering, but I'd be willing to bet they're wishing for hoverboards for Christmas.

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I mean, who wouldn't want a hoverboard? And as royals, they're bound to get what they want. All we want are photos of Prince George riding one. Now that would be a Christmas miracle.


Image via Retropix/Splash News

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