Taylor Swift Meets Doppelganger Fan & We Can Barely Tell Them Apart (PHOTOS)

Do you need more Taylor Swift in your life? I know I do. So get ready for this -- Taylor met her look-alike in Australia recently, and it's hard to believe they're not related!


Olivia Sturgiss not only looks just like Tay Tay, but she's also a die-hard fan of the "Wildest Dreams" singer. They look so much like sisters from another mister that Olivia was even swarmed by fans in Melbourne during Swift's 1989 World Tour!

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Don't believe me? Take a look at this pic of Liv and her bestie Kristy Lee.

Definately my fave picture of @_kristy_lee_ and I to date! #youremybestfriend #insane #1989toursydney

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Kristy also posted this snap of Olivia doing a photoshoot, and if she hadn't said so, wouldn't you think this was Tay?

A photo posted by Kristy Lee (@_kristy_lee_) on

Still not convinced? Kristy and Taylor's Twin Olivia got to go backstage and meet the superstar, who was, of course, ever gracious.

My two main babes. @taylorswift @_kristy_lee_ #loft89 #1989tourmelbourne #charliesangels #noitsliv #tayliv

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Twinsies indeed! The meeting was extra special because Olivia recently lost her mom, as Kristy explained in the comments of the photo. She said that Taylor "had seen us on tumblr and saw that Liv lost her mum and wanted to send her condolences in person."

Swifties know that Taylor goes out of her way to communicate with and encourage her fans. I'm sure she would have met with anyone that she knew of who lost her mother, even if she wasn't a spitting image of herself. But you can't deny -- their resemblance made this meeting all the more awesome.

Just remember, if you're hanging out down under and happen to see Taylor -- it's probably Liv.

Is it a bird? Is it a cat-lover? #noitsliv #catmosphere #sydney #cats

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Image via Splash News

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