Prince Harry Recalls a Beautiful Memory of His Mum Princess Diana

prince harryPrince Harry had a very special visit with a 26-year-old woman who met his mother, Princess Diana, when she was just 2 years old. The two spoke about the comfort of her hugs and cuddles, and you may want to get out the tissues before you read on.


The woman Harry was speaking with was born HIV-positive. She's 26 years old now, but when she was just 2, Princess Diana visited her and other patients at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. She told Harry that she remembers feeling a bond with his mother and she sat on her lap. The woman reportedly said, "Your mother's lap was so comfortable and I cuddled into her."

Harry replied, "I remember that, too."  

I can feel the heaviness in his response. That memory, that longing for his mother. A mother who did so much for so many people, selflessly devoting her time to those in need ... and the sheer power of a hug, a cuddle, some love.

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Back when this woman was only 2, Harry was 5 -- a time when Diana was most likely an expert at giving little kids hugs since she had two of her own (Prince William would have been 7 at that time). I think we all want to give Harry a hug right now as well.

What a beautiful memory. A difficult one to think about, but thank goodness he is able to remember such sweet times with his mom. It's also so wonderful that Diana touched the lives of so many, and her love lives on in all of those people, including her sons. What a beautiful legacy for the People's Princess. I suppose we can call Harry the People's Prince -- he was at the Mildmay Hospital carrying on her work and kindness, making new memories with new people and with people connected to his past. It's all about love and kindness and the power of cuddles.


Image via Retropix/Splash News

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