Here's the Truth About Those Pippa & Prince Harry Romance Rumors

Just as we suspected, another royal wedding involving a prince and a Middleton is probably not around the corner. Those too-good-to-be-true Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton romance rumors were finally cleared up -- and it looks like they are not, sadly, soul mates.


After OK! magazine published a cover story this week claiming the 31-year-old royal and Kate Middleton's 32-year-old sister were in love and secretly dating, folks are calling the publication's bluff. For one thing, the cover photo shows two separate photos of Harry and Pippa dressed in swimsuits with the headline, "Caught." It's evident they weren't together at the time, nor are we aware of a recent beach vacation taken by either party. 

The stories from "sources" about the pair are also difficult to swallow. One anonymous source reportedly claimed Pippa showed up at Harry's door wearing tight jeans and a sheer top and he jumped to and began making pasta carbonara from scratch to impress her. Oh, and he lit some candles, too.

Apparently, we're supposed to believe they've always felt sexually attracted to each other and sealed the deal by kissing in a bathroom during Kate and Prince William's wedding celebration. As if it would have been simple for them to get away and make out.

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Kensington Palace reportedly considers the rumor so utterly ridiculous that they refuse to comment either way -- they don't feel it's even worthy of a response.

So, Pippa and Harry are not together. Yes, it's a sad day, but did anyone honestly think these two have been hooking up for so long without anyone finding out? I think it's also obvious that Harry has a definite type: blonde socialite -- the blonder and more regal, the better.

Besides, it would be a little odd and TV sitcom-ish if Pippa and Harry hooked up and got married. Should they live next door to Anmer Hall, as well? Harry will fall in love and settle down when the time is right -- and when he has met the right blonde.


Image via DFF/Splash News

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