Meredith Vieira Opens Up About Being In An Abusive Relationship

Meredith Vieira

Everyday countless acts of domestic violence go unreported. It's through women like Meredith Vieira sharing their own stories that we can spread awareness and open up a dialogue about this terrible issue. Larry King recently sat down with Meredith to discuss her past experience with domestic violence, and how she came to speak about it following the NFL's Ray Rice incident. Meredith expresses how she relates to the hashtag, #whyIstayed, and explains how she, like many women, took responsibility for much of the abuse. 


Be sure to watch the clip below to hear how Meredith coped with her own experience with domestic violence. The full in-depth interview with Larry King and Meredith Vieira is available to watch on Ora TV.

Rosie Perez and Patricia Arquette are among other guests Larry King has interviewed that have encountered this issue in their own lives. Visit Ora TV to hear Rosie's personal experience with child abuse, and Patricia Arquette revealing how the abusive subplot in Boyhood paralleled her own experiences. 

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