Jessica Alba: Lifestyle Guru Creates Toxic-Free "The Honest Company"

Larry King and Jessica Alba

We all assume that fancy brown paper packaging and "eco-friendly" stamped across our cleaning products means toxic-free and healthy to use around our families, right? Wrong. It's unfortunate that we've so often been misled by seemingly simple, natural products being laced with unnecessary chemicals and additives. Luckily, our girl Jessica Alba had similar feelings about this annoyance, and decided to take matters into her own hands. In an interview with Larry King, Jessica discussed her reasoning for starting The Honest Company and expressed her concerns for the safety and well-being of her own children-- something we all can relate to. 


Take a look at the clip below to see Jessica dive into further detail about The Honest Company's humble beginnings. Be sure to check out the full in-depth interview with Larry King and Jessica Alba on Ora TV.

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