We Are Obsessed With Carrie Fisher & Her Daughter on the 'Star Wars' Red Carpet(PHOTOS)

Can we all just zip it for a minute and talk about what a treasure this woman is? Carrie Fisher stole the show on the Stars Wars: The Force Awakens red carpet with her gorgeous daughter and co-star Billie Lourd, and we can't get enough of them.


The actress is reprising her role as Princess Leia (now General Leia), and Billie is playing an unknown role in the latest installment of the famed franchise, but she did confirm that she will not be playing Leia's daughter. Whatever character she plays, it's clear these two were loving their mother-daughter bonding time on the red carpet.

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I love Carrie's attitude, and how she seems to be passing that fearless vibe onto her daughter. It's inspirational for me to watch her age gracefully and with good humor, and I basically want to be her when I grow up.

Carrie and Billie did not shy away from being affectionate and even goofy with each other.

Here's Carrie rocking it like it's hot -- and she's still got it! She's done a round of interviews for the movie keeping it real about aging as a woman in Hollywood, and we love her for it.

More cuddles!

And aren't you just dying to know what they are looking at in this photo?

It looks like one of the best dates ever, and the ultimate celebration of completing work on the film together. I can't wait to see if they share any scenes, and what their onscreen chemistry is like.


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