Kate Middleton Is Ravishing in Red at Holiday Party (PHOTOS)

kate middletonIt's no secret that I'm smitten with Kate Middleton. But she put on a red dress and it's as if she has illuminated the world, enchanting all with her holiday spirit. It is that Alexander McQueen dress she's worn before, but this time it's Christmastime and she's playing drums with kids with special needs. The might be her most heartwarming red dress moment ever.


Yes, that dress. The one with the fitted bodice and pleated skirt. The one in that lovely shade of crimson. The very same one she wore to the Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames in June of 2012. And the one she also wore to the Dramatic Arts reception at Buckingham Palace in February of 2014.

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kate middleton red dressThis time Kate wore it to the Christmas party at the Anna Freud Centre in North London, where they work with and help children with mental health issues. Besides looking absolutely beautiful in that dress, Kate had some very beautiful moments with the kids there. And she played the drums.

kate middleton bongos kids

Side note: That kid's Bah-hum-bug sweater is awesome!

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The kids had Kate laughing, she had the kids lighting up when they spoke with her, and she helped the families make hand-print collages. This all made me think about her own two little ones -- I can't wait for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to get a little older so they can accompany her at these events. (Okay, I can wait -- I love the baby and toddler stages. But it is a lovely thing to look forward to.)

Oh, Kate. This dress is enough to make even those who aren't a fan of her shorter haircut love her once again.


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