Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Pounds Are Already Falling Off

kim kardashianYou can think what you want of her, but there's no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian is an open book -- especially when it comes to how she feels about her body. In a recent livestream on her app, Kim revealed that she's already lost 17 of the 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy with Saint. 


In the video, Kim, who didn't film herself, was hanging out with Caitlyn Jenner. The pair were making pizza, which Kim was sure to point out was just for Caitlyn, as she's "eating healthy now." Kim revealed that she was 130 pounds when she first got pregnant and wound up getting up to 190. "I almost died," she said. 

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Kim credits her 17-pound weight loss to breastfeeding and eating healthy, but she still feels she has a long way to go. Her goal apparently is to get down to 120, which she says is four pounds less than her wedding weight.

In the video, Caitlyn tells Kim that she's "looking much better," to which Kim responds, "I am feeling much better." Kim also claims that she's going to "reveal" herself soon. But not yet. She wants to enjoy this time and not have to care about what she looks like. 

Regardless of how much weight Kim gains or loses, she's always going to be gorgeous. Hopefully, she doesn't feel pressure to look "perfect" before being seen in public again. The important thing is that both she and her baby boy are healthy. Everything else is just details. 


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