Kourtney Kardashian Can't Possibly Deny That She's Hooking Up With the Biebs

kourtney kardashianBoy toy, anyone? On Monday, the Internet freaked out when Justin Bieber posted a photo that made it seem like he was in a compromising position with Kourtney Kardashian -- and dissing Scott Disick in the process. As it turns out, that wasn't Kourt in the pic, but Justin and Kourtney may be hooking up after all ... 


Numerous sources are claiming that Kourtney and Justin currently have a fling going on -- but evidently that's all it is. An insider told TMZ, "He's single, she's single and they're just having a good time. Nothing serious."

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Kourtney and Justin apparently first started hanging out in October. They were seen leaving The Nice Guy in Hollywood together. And over the weekend, Kourt was seen leaving the hotel Justin was staying at in Beverly Hills at 4 a.m. -- sans a bra. 

Honestly, who knows what's going on between these two? But, if they want to have fun right now, what's the harm in that? Kourtney has been dealing with Scott's crap for so long now -- she's entitled to a little fun now and again. 

However, sources are also saying that even though this is reportedly just a fling, not everyone is behind it. Namely, Kourt's family. "What Kim will say is that an intimate relationship between Kourt and Justin is simply gross," an insider told Hollywood Life. "It's like Kourt has a fourth child on her hands now. Justin is so young and so immature. The thought of Kourt being intimate with this little boy makes Kim sick to her stomach."

I say if Kourt wants to have fun, let her have fun. And if things ever seem like they're getting too serious, then her family ought to intervene. But for now, mind your biz, Kim. 


Image via Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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