Pippa Middleton Ripped to Shreds for Giving 'Lame' Christmas Advice

When you're called upon to write a column of tips for Waitrose Weekend, you better make them good -- because readers can be brutal. Pippa Middleton provided Christmas tips for the paper and learned the hard way that they didn't pass muster and that folks actually think they're pretty darn lame and obvious.


Some of Pippa's tips included incorporating stockings into your holiday decor and shopping for gifts in places where most people probably shop for gifts. "For children, few things bring on the anticipation of Christmas more than the thought of stockings bursting with presents," Pippa wrote. She also suggested that shoppers buy gifts on the High Street (which refers to an area in London that boasts big-name stores) or on the Internet.

She also added this tip: "I start looking out for stocking presents quite early -- a few months before -- as it's much more charming and enjoyable to find fillers along the way without the stress of emergency buying." 

Speaking personally, I, for one, should copy that last quote word for word and tape it onto my fridge. Other readers were less than impressed with what they considered obvious, silly tips. Some even took to Twitter to sarcastically praise Kate Middleton's younger sister for her "genius" and "sharp" suggestions -- obviously mocking her.

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I really feel for Pippa. It seems like everyone is waiting to catch her do something or say something that will prove to them that she isn't as special as lots of people think. Maybe it's jealousy -- or perhaps it's just that a lot of folks resent her for being given plenty of opportunities (publishing deals, speaking gigs) to prove herself, even though some of her projects have been unsuccessful.

I think it's important to remember that she never asked to be thrown into the spotlight. It isn't her fault that she is offered writing gigs or chances to appear at events -- who in their right mind would turn them down? She's trying. I don't feel she's found her niche (yet), but I'm sure it will happen soon. 

And her advice wasn't all that bad, was it?


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