Amy Duggar Seems to Be Making a Clean Break From Her Cousin Josh

She might not have made an appearance on Jill and Jessa: Counting On on Sunday, but this Duggar family member has something to say about Josh. Amy Duggar seems to have cut her cousin Josh completely out of her life.


The controversial Duggar cousin took to her new blog with a self-proclaimed rant, and while she didn't mention Josh by name, we can't help but assume that's who she was talking about.

"I have learned this year that not everyone has good intentions," she shared. She went on to talk about people who act selfishly and don't even realize how much they're hurting others. She doesn't think anyone has an obligation to keep toxic people in his or her life. She wrote, "If you socialize with people who bring you down, or make you feel less than them then stop being friends with them!!!!"

She obviously means it with four exclamation marks! She continued, "I've been cleaning house on who I want to be associated with. Maybe you should do the same, does any names come to mind? Or do you have changes you need to make in your own life?"

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After the year that Josh has put his family through, it certainly sounds like that's who she's talking about. First, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled after a police report surfaced detailing Josh's molestation charges. He inappropriately touched five underage girls as a young teen -- four of whom were his own sisters.

Then in August, he was outed as a cheater in the Ashley Madison hack. He soon admitted to being unfaithful to his wife Anna, and checked himself into a long-term treatment center.

Good for Amy taking care of her own emotional well-being and distancing herself from people who will take advantage of her, whether it's Josh or anyone else. Users will continue to use you only as long as you'll let them.


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