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12 Dudes Kylie Jenner Could Date Who Are Way Better Than Tyga (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner TygaNow that Kylie Jenner is 18, she is free to do whatever she pleases. And that means she can show major PDA with boyfriend Tyga without anyone giving her any grief over it.

But truth be told, we're a bit old fashioned at heart and think Kylie is just too young to settle down. Plus, it's not like Tyga is that great of a catch anyway. Here are some other lovely age appropriate fellas we think Kylie should think about dating -- if she ever kicks Tyga to the curb for good, that is.

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Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

1Harry Styles

Because look at him.

Image via Felipe Ramales / Splash News

2Brooklyn Beckham

Okay, so technically the teen is a little young for Kylie, but he comes from a good family and he's totally crushable.  So yeah, he's perfect.

Image via Derek Storm / Splash News

4Ezra Miller

If Kylie likes a guy with an edge, Ezra Miller is definitely that guy.

Image via R Chiang / Splash News

5Skater Boy

Thank God this skater boy hasn't messed up that gorgeous face on the half pipe!

Image via AdMedia / Splash News

7Spencer Boldman

The 21 Jump Street star is just getting started. And he's adorable.

Image via Dan Harr / Splash News

8Diggy Simmons

Reverend Run's son is also grown up and he's a super talented rapper. And let's face it, he's cute.

Image via Image Press / Splash News

10Brandon Lee

Brandon's dad is drummer Tommy Lee and his mom is actress Pam Anderson. It's pretty much guaranteed his family will be crazier than Kylie's! Sounds like a match.

Image via Splash/EFFRA London/Jon Gorrigon

11Rafferty Law

Jude Law's kiddo is a grown man now. Surely Kylie would find that British accent to be music to her ears.

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