'Mob Wives' Star Big Ang Is Battling Cancer … Again

Tragic news for Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola. After being given a clean bill of health just months ago, the Mob Wives star has learned that her cancer has returned.


The reality star was diagnosed with cancer last March, and had a lemon-sized lump, along with the lymph nodes on the left side of her throat, removed a week later. In June she underwent another procedure on the right side of her throat.

Raiola, 55, said she quit smoking the day she was diagnosed, but after 40 years of cigarettes, it seems that the damage has been done. "It's hard to just put down the cigarette and never look back," she revealed to People in September. "I enjoy smoking. I miss it so much. But it’s over. Now I do the e-cigarette. It helps me, just to hold it in my hand."

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Even though the VH1 star had been cleared after her surgeries, a source has revealed that doctors have found another lump that's "definitely cancerous" during a routine check-up.

It's great that Big Ang quit smoking, and it must be really hard for her. She also revealed to The Insider earlier this year that her hubby Neil Murphy also quit in solidarity. Hopefully not sucking in or being around all that smoke will help her get over this cancer battle too.

Sometimes you need a kick in the pants to make healthier life choices. Hopefully her battle with cancer will not only save her life by making her quit, but inspire others to do the same.


Image via Mr Photoman/Splash News

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