Kate Middleton's New Haircut Had Nothing to Do With Wanting a Change

Considering how the Duchess of Cambridge has long been known for her trademark long, chestnut hair, it comes as no surprise that everyone wants to know what inspired her to chop off her hair into a lovely, bouncy, fun (still relatively long) lob. We may have an answer: According to People, a source says Kate Middleton cut her hair because of her children and the increasing demands being placed upon her as a royal and mom of two.


Royal hairdresser Richard Ward, who cut the duchess's hair into a shoulder-length "lob," told People that Kate's is "a practical style and a great option for a mom who has had long hair, who has a busy life and is short on time." He added: "It's slightly more sophisticated but with all the benefits of long hair."

Kate, who is mom to 2-year-old George (who is often described as a "noisy" handful) and 6-month-old Charlotte, has been spotted everywhere in the last few weeks. After a few months spent in hibernation -- understandable, given the fact that she had just given birth -- she has appeared at several charity events and parties, both alone and with Prince William. She also recently cut long bangs into her hair, which she reportedly immediately regretted. It makes total sense that she would opt for a shorter, more easily manageable haircut, both because of her crazy schedule and (possibly) to help achieve balance between the length of her bangs and her hair so that her fringe is less noticeable.

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If you're loving Kate's cut and interested in following her lead, Ward says you can expect to need a cut every six to eight weeks in order to maintain its shape. Her faithful hairdresser also says he expects lots of women to become inspired by Kate and request her cut (apparently, even though she may consider her bangs a flop, tons of women have flocked to salons to request similar side-swept fringe after Kate debuted her look. She really can do no wrong).

I really like this shorter style on Kate. Her hair appears healthy, voluminous, full of shine, and elegant. But calling this a "mom haircut," as I've been reading online since the minute she chopped her hair, is all kinds of annoying. First of all, her hair isn't all that short -- it still falls a bit past her shoulders. Second, can't a woman desire a sophisticated change without others having to automatically connect it to her role as a mom? It's just hair!


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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