16 Times Kate Middleton Managed to Make Pantyhose Look Hot

Meredith Gordon | Dec 30, 2015 Celebrities

Kate Middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

For many of us, we'd rather die than wear pantyhose. But when you're a member of the royal family like Kate Middleton and you have to make appearances all winter long, you've got to suck it up and put on some stockings. But a pair of pantyhose isn't always necessarily an outfit killer, and leave it to the Duchess of Cambridge to make them... dare we say it... fashionable. 

Because, after all, dressing like a royal is hard enough. The palace has long established standards when it comes to presenting yourself in front of the public, and so far, Kate has done extremely well. 

Everyone is allowed a fashion misstep here or there, but for our duchess, it seems like she can do no wrong in the fashion department. And this includes outfits that involve tights or pantyhose. It's not easy to make a pair of these look chic. The wrong color or the wrong ensemble could make you feel like a little schoolgirl, but luckily, we can use Kate as a guiding light. 

So, if you're still a pantyhose non-believer, we -- well actually Kate -- might be able to change your mind. Take a look at Kate's best hose moments, and be prepared to immediately want to dig out your own pair from the depths of your closet. 

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