Jennifer Lawrence Is Planning Hilarious Fashion Stunt With Amy Schumer at the Golden Globes

jennifer lawrence#SquadGoals! Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer's awesome and adorable friendship just keeps getting more awesome and more adorable, as evidenced by Lawrence's current obsession: making sure that she and Schumer wear the "exact same thing" to the upcoming Golden Globes!


We know what you're thinking: Isn't showing up on the red carpet wearing the same gown as another actress pretty much every starlet's worst nightmare? Sure, but JLaw and Amy aren't your average Hollywood types. Plus, they're both nominated in the exact same category -- Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy -- so it sort of makes sense that they'd continue the matchy-matchy theme.

"She's going to have to wear Dior," Jen told E! News.

"I'm just going to have to have Dior make two of whatever they're making for me," she added.

"That's my mission. I really want us to wear the same thing."

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We're totally down with that, Jen! Not only would it be completely hilarious to see two A-list actresses in copycat dresses at such an enormous event, but the whole thing would also totally be in keeping with Jen and Amy's ongoing streak of funny, friendly stunts (such as making a human pyramid on a yacht while on vacation and dancing on Billy Joel's piano together). 

Either way, I'm betting the pals have some sort of plot cooked up for when the winner in their category is announced. Can't wait to see!



Image via Jackie Brown/Splash News

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