Sounds Like Khloe Kardashian Is Getting Taken for Granted by Somebody

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian recently called 2015 the "worst year of her life," and while we certainly hope better times are ahead for the 31-year-old star, it would seem as if they're not here yet: In fact, Khloe's most recent Instagram post is making everybody a little worried!



The post is simple -- just a quote, no photo -- but it seems to be calling someone out for being a bad ... well, a bad something. We just don't know if that's a bad friend, or a bad sibling, a bad boyfriend, or a bad estranged husband lying in a hospital bed ... anyway, check it out:

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Hmmm, who's not living up to Khloe's expectations?? Lots of people are guessing it's Lamar, but that doesn't make much sense to me, personally, only because I'm guessing Khloe's expectations for Lamar are about as rock bottom as they can get at this point. So it's probably somebody else -- but that means it could really be anybody else. Because there's no question that Khloe Kardashian is a generous type of gal: She's been putting up brother Rob for years, she's the best aunt ever to her nieces and nephews, and she dropped everything to be at Lamar's hospital bedside after his overdose. So Khloe probably ends up feeling overextended quite a lot of the time. Which would also explain the fact that Khloe's been sort of losing it on people on Twitter lately, over everything from allegations that she's only taking care of Lamar for publicity to accusations that she faked her Thanksgiving pies. Here's a delightfully snarky example of one of her recent comebacks:

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HA! Awww, poor Khloe. Why can't everybody just let a girl live?? Whoever it is that Khloe feels is taking advantage of her at the moment, we really hope somebody starts making her needs a priority sometime really soon!

And don't worry, Khloe -- 2016 is just a few weeks away! 


Image via khloekardashian/Instagram

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