Miley Cyrus Is a Foul-Mouthed Baby in Crazy Video for 'BB Talk'

miley cyrus baby talkMiley Cyrus has taken her antics in a whole new direction. In her video for the song "BB Talk," Miley takes on the age-old topic of how there should be less silly chatter and more getting it on -- and she dresses and acts like a baby to prove it. Okay. The result? Quite crass.


I guess vulgar is the way of the future when it comes to pop music. Doing drugs and saying the F-word is where it's at. I mean, the Weeknd has seven Grammy nominations. I'm not saying I don't like crass all the time -- it can be quite entertaining. In fact, I'm also not saying I don't like this video, this song, or Miley Cyrus. I am just a little perplexed by certain things.

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Before you give this one a listen, prepare yourself -- lots and lots of expletives of the worst kind. And yeah, drugs and the F-word.

Why is her voice so deep during the talking parts? What is happening with those costumes? Is this even a real song? Is it a parody? Did Miley get possessed by Weird Al? Oh! Miley can suck her own toes! And a pacifier! I'm starting to feel weird. No! Not a bong! I hope her dad never hears this song or sees this video. Ever. Achy breaky heart kind of stuff right here.

Those were just a few of my thoughts.

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The chorus is super catchy -- F-bomb and all. I wonder how they will radio edit this one. My kids will be singing this in no time. Grrrreat.

Is she talking about Patrick Schwarzenegger? Is the mom she mentioned Maria Shriver?

I can't stop with the questions. And the intrigue. And because of that, Miley clearly knows what she's doing -- and I don't just mean with a bong.


Image via Vevo

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