Jinger Duggar Breaks Down in Tears Over Brother Josh's Cheating Scandal

When Josh Duggar confessed to cheating on his wife Anna last August, he destroyed more than their little family. His siblings also felt the shock and sting of his betrayal. Jinger Duggar is finally opening up about how Josh's infidelity affected the whole family.


Of course the scandal didn't start when Josh was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack. Just a few months earlier, a police report was published alleging that Josh had molested four of his little sisters plus an underage baby sitter as a young teen. 

The family pulled together as best as they could, defending Josh due to his youth, and doing interviews to explain how they coped with it at the time.

In the clip from Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Jinger makes an appearance and explains what it was like to find out about the cheating, after having been through the molestation scandal.

"A few weeks after our faces weren’t on the magazine covers anymore, we could go to the grocery store, and it was kind of like a normal life," she explains. "Then we got word that something new had came out ... I think that when we heard all his stuff, it was so unreal. We still have trouble comprehending it today. Just the reality of this person we thought we knew. This person that we love greatly, we still love, but just the hard pain that it's caused."

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Those have got to be some complicated emotions to experience. It's hard when your image of who someone is gets completely shattered. Josh admitted to being the "biggest hypocrite ever," and he really was. He worked for a family values lobbying firm for Pete's sake!

It's no wonder that Jinger ends up breaking down in tears talking about Josh on camera. I don't think I'd be able to keep it together either.We just hope that all of those affected by Josh's actions are able to find peace eventually. After all, they didn't do anything wrong -- he did.


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