19 Times Kate Middleton Dressed Way Beyond Her Years

Kate Middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

Kate Middleton has become one of the world's style icons. Let's face it, the mother of three would never be caught dead in mom jeans or boxy shorts! But occasionally, Kate Middleton scores a fashion fail when she dresses too old for her age for a formal event. Kate proves that she's not perfect when she's too worried about pleasing the Queen and dresses like she's a granny. And it's sort of crazy how often she tries to dress like one! Don't believe us? Between her many fashion successes, take a look at the the unforgettable times when Kate proved that "grandma-chic" wasn't a thing.


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Look, we're not here to throw shade. Kate is a beautiful woman, a kind mother, and most of the time, she dresses elegantly. We usually would be writing about how amazing the royal wife looks as she goes about her royal duties. But it must be said, sometimes Kate has gotten it really wrong. Mostly when she tries to wear clothes that are too matronly and make her look dowdy. Come on, Kate! We know there is more than a gray shift dress in the royal closet. Surprise us! 

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Take a look at some of Kate's biggest fashion fails. We hate to say this about our favorite royal, but not every outfit can be a winner -- these certainly aren't.

Either way, of course, we still love Kate no matter what she's got on.

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