15 Times Kate Middleton & the Royals Were One Big Happy Family

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Prince Charles has a reputation for being a bit of a fuddy-duddy. Camilla is notoriously crusty. Harry's a blast. But -- Kate Middleton doesn't seem to mind hanging with hubby Prince William's family. Surprisingly, she seems to get along with everyone just fine and they seem to enjoy her company as well. But, if anyone can handle marrying into royalty, we're pretty sure it's Kate. 


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In fact, when it comes to chilling with the royals, Kate seems downright comfortable. Of course this is a good thing considering that she is part of their family and has been around them for years, but we can't say that it seems easy for just anyone to hit it off with British royalty. However, Kate seems to do a pretty fantastic job of it and we give her props!

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The big happy family has been seen at numerous events where Kate definitely seems to fit right in with the array of characters that are in her husband's family tree. If it were us, we don't think we could pull it off like she does! 

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