35 Times Kate Middleton Reminded Us of Princess Diana

Amy Goldman | Dec 15, 2015 Celebrities
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Prince William once said, "No one is going to try to fill my mother's shoes. What she did was fantastic. It's about making your own future and your own destiny, and Kate will do a very good job of that." While it's hard not to agree with that statement, Kate Middleton often reminds royal watchers of Princess Diana.

By staying true to herself and striving to help others, Kate's carrying on Diana's legacy in the best possible ways. Her charity work. Her sartorial choices. Her commitment to raising her family her way. There are so many ways the Duchess resembles her late mother-in-law. (It's no wonder William fell for her at St. Andrews!) 

And the more the world gets to know Kate (and the more comfortable she's becoming in the public eye?), the more obvious it becomes that her heart is very much in the same place as her husband's late mother who was beloved around the globe.  

It goes without saying that whoever William married would wind up being compared to Diana. But with Kate, there are so many similarities, sometimes it's actually a bit eerie. From the way she interacts with her fans to some of her almost identical outfits, here are 30 ways Kate reminds us of Diana. William sure is a lucky man.  

  • Like Mother Like Mother-In Law

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    The blue polka-dot dress Kate wore while leaving the hospital with newborn baby Prince George looked so much like the one Diana wore after giving birth to William. Kate's style statement was such a sweet way to honor George's late grandmum.

  • Introducing Calamity Kate, English Frontierswoman

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    Whether she was traveling around the world to help children in need or taking her own children on outdoorsy adventures, Diana often displayed a strong sense of adventure. Kate echoed Diana's adventurous spirit when she went climbing and abseiling with Will. 

  • A Passion for Philanthropy

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    Diana felt that charity work was part of her life's purpose. Kate displays such a genuine sense of joy while helping others that we can't help thinking she feels the same way. She looked like she had the time of her life at the ICAP's 23rd annual Charity Day.

  • James Bond Vibes

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    Kate's gorgeous long-sleeved blue Jenny Packham dress from the premiere of the most recent James Bond Film, Spectre, reminded us of the unforgettable pearlescent blue Bruce Oldfield gown Diana wore to a charity event at the Grosvenor House Hotel. 

  • A Shared Concern for Children's Health

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    Kate reminds us of Diana every time she promotes charities supporting children's wellness. Lately, Kate has been making an effort to raise awareness of the importance of children's mental health. She attended a photography exhibit hosted by the Mind charity last month. 

  • Hands-On Parenting

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    Diana's devotion to her children was one of her most endearing qualities, and it's obvious that Kate shares the same commitment to George and Charlotte. Just look how in love with her newborn daughter Kate was at Charlotte's christening. 

  • Glamorously Empowered

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    Diana's strong sense of self was a major reason why she was such an inspiring role model for women. Kate reminds us she shares Diana's independent spirit anytime she supports women's causes, like she did when she attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala Dinner in October. 

  • Ultimate Squad Goals

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    When Kate participated in an event held by the Charities Forum at BAFTA, she made some adorable new acquaintances. Kate's commitment to helping kids reflects the kind of benevolence that made Diana so endearing. 

  • Unbearably Adorable

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    Every time we see a photo of Kate with her children, we're reminded of how much Diana loved Harry and Wills. We think Diana would be thrilled to see that Kate's such a devoted mum.

  • Where in the World Is Kate Middleton?

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    Kate continues Diana's legacy of global awareness. During Kate and Will's Diamond Jubilee Tour of South East Asia, Kate visited Hospis Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Not only did she give a speech while she was there, but she met children residing in the hospice as well.

  • Pretty in Pink

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    Kate's stunning fuchsia coat looked nearly identical to a hot-pink ensemble Diana wore while visiting Westminster in 1990. 

  • Kate + Wills 4ever

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    When we see how head over heels in love with Wills Kate is, we think of Diana and how she would've loved to see that her son has such a supportive wife.

  • Taking Action on Addiction

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    Just like Diana, Kate is known for supporting a variety of important social causes. Her commitment to charity work was evident when she visited the Action on Addiction Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies last week. 

  • The People's Duchess

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    Diana's nickname, "the people's princess," seems to apply to Kate as well. Kate's warmhearted nature means she's never above meeting her fans.

  • Following in Diana's Footsteps

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    Kate honored Diana's memory by visiting a ward at The Royal Marsden Hospital that Diana once visited. This hospital ward specifically treats children with cancer.

  • The Checkered Coat Situation


    Need we say more?

  • Ixnay on the 'Obey'

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    Neither Princess Diana nor Kate Middleton said that they would "obey" their husbands in their wedding vows (which, at a time, was customary). Instead, Kate was asked if she would "love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health and, foresaking all others, keep only unto him so long as ye both shall live."

    That's a little better. 

  • Yes to the Tiara, Though

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    On her wedding day, Kate wore one of Diana's tiaras. Such a sweet homage. 

  • The Engagement Ring

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    And of course, Kate's engagement ring was once Princess Diana's. They're forever linked!

  • They Both Worked 'Real' Jobs

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    Unlike many royals, both Kate and Diana had regular jobs before getting married. Kate worked as an accessories buyer for a clothing company for years, and Diana worked as a preschool teacher, nanny, and dance instructor. 

  • Their Superga Obsession


    White Superga sneakers may be a trademark of the Duchess's now, but actually, Diana wore them first in black. 

  • They Expose Their Kids to Adventure

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    Sure, the Cambridges have gone on their fair share of luxe family vacations (Mustique, anyone?), but one of their most memorable trips was when George and Charlotte when skiing in the French Alps. (No, not exactly roughing it, but hey, a toddler on a skis is pretty adventurous.)

    Likewise, Princess Diana used to take Will and Harry on "adventurous" trips, like whitewater rafting in Colorado. Cute!

  • Neither Met a White Suit They Didn't Like

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    And obviously, with good reason. 

  • Like Diana, Kate's Not Afraid to Let Her Hair Down

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    Part of the reason Diana was referred to as the "People's Princess" is because she didn't seem so stuffy all the time. Obviously, the same rings true for Kate. 

  • They're Both Beloved

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    It goes without saying that Princess Diana was incredibly beloved and had an enormous amount of adoring fans. As time has gone on, we've seen that the same holds true for the Duchess.

  • Hair Icons

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    Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are considered hair icons in their own right -- and both have inspired millions of copycats.

  • They Both Had the Wedding of a Decade

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    Few weddings -- or dresses -- are more famous than Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's. 

  • Fancy Friends

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    Princess Diana was known for having uber-famous, uber-fancy friends -- and Kate's not that far off!

  • Blue Maternity Looks


    Kate channeled Diana in Norway when she wore a blue oversized coat. Lady Di wore something very similar when she was pregnant with Harry. And coincidentally, she went to Norway then, as well!

  • Mad About Plaid


    Both Kate and Diana (as well as Meghan Markle) have a thing for plaid. Clearly, Princess Diana's style was timeless. 

  • Visiting the East Anglia's Children's Hospice


    In a very Diana-like turn, Kate made a royal visit to the East Anglia's Children's Hospice otherwise known as EACH in 2012. The Duchess made a speech to people that work at the hospices and also planting a tree to commemorate the occasion.  

  • Dressing Down for a Good Cause

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    Like Diana before her, Kate is happy to dress down in public, especially for a good cause, like hanging out with kids at the Lawn Tennis Association in London.

  • Lindo Birth Debuts

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    Like her late mother-in-law, Kate Middleton has managed to pull herself together shortly after giving birth and stepped out to greet the public with the newborn in tow.

  • Pretty in Flowy Florals

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    To visit the White Garden at Kensington Palace and look at tributes to Princess Diana in 2017, Kate almost looked as if she was channeling her husband's late mum in this floral dress reminiscent of the early '80s. 

  • Royal Meetings With the First Lady

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    In the '80s, Princess Diana and Prince Charles met with then President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy. Fast-forward to 2016, and Kate's meeting with then First Lady Michelle Obama was no doubt a historical moment -- not to mention cool photo op. 

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