35 Times Kate Middleton Reminded Us of Princess Diana

kate middleton

Prince William once said, "No one is going to try to fill my mother's shoes. What she did was fantastic. It's about making your own future and your own destiny, and Kate will do a very good job of that." While it's hard not to agree with that statement, Kate Middleton often reminds royal watchers of Princess Diana.


By staying true to herself and striving to help others, Kate's carrying on Diana's legacy in the best possible ways. Her charity work. Her sartorial choices. Her commitment to raising her family her way. There are so many ways the Duchess resembles her late mother-in-law. (It's no wonder William fell for her at St. Andrews!) 

And the more the world gets to know Kate (and the more comfortable she's becoming in the public eye?), the more obvious it becomes that her heart is very much in the same place as her husband's late mother who was beloved around the globe.  

It goes without saying that whoever William married would wind up being compared to Diana. But with Kate, there are so many similarities, sometimes it's actually a bit eerie. From the way she interacts with her fans to some of her almost identical outfits, here are 30 ways Kate reminds us of Diana. William sure is a lucky man.  

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