Rob Kardashian Will Be on the Kardashian Christmas Card Under One Crazy Condition

rob kardashianRob Kardashian isn't playing around! A few weeks ago, it was reported that Rob wasn't going to be appearing on the Kardashian Christmas card, and to be honest, no one was really surprised. But now there's a twist to the story. Evidently, Rob will be on the Christmas card ... if he's paid $50,000. 


A source told Life & Style that, as usual, there's drama surrounding the Kardashian-Jenner clan's annual Christmas card. And this year, it's Rob -- who, for the record, hasn't done the card in three years -- who's at the center of it. 

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The source goes on to say that Kris Jenner actually even agreed to pay Rob the absurd amount of money -- but he still turned down the photo shoot. Clearly, the dude isn't ready to be on camera again, so why don't we just leave it at that, 'kay, Kris?

While it's a little bit sad that Rob hasn't appeared with his family in their annual Christmas card for the past few years, at this point, it doesn't seem to make much sense to even ask him anymore. He's uncomfortable with himself right now, and seeing if he wants to appear on camera probably only makes him more uncomfortable.

There have been rumblings of Rob's comeback for the past few months now, so hopefully in the New Year we'll start seeing him more. And then maybe we'll see him on the 2016 Christmas card -- for free.


Image via Splash News 

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